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Foreign media: China’s housing prices this year will fall to 6.8%, the initial success of regulation

After a series of policies, “combination of boxing”, China’s real estate prices control initial success. 29 Reuters released the latest quarterly survey said, in the strict control policy and neutral monetary environment, China housing price will continue to increase the narrowing trend this year, is expected this year, prices rose from the end of the two digit narrowed to a bit.
Reuters said that in the first half of this year and the first half of next year, the overall domestic prices will show a steady downward trend. On the one hand, three or four lines of housing prices to support the overall price; on the other hand, severe policy regulation and neutral financial environment constraints, or, in particular, restrictions on sale, limit and other administrative measures, so that the market significantly cool down. The median estimate of China’s national average price of homes by 13 Chinese and foreign institutions surveyed by the Reuters shows that housing prices rose by about 6.8% this year and will be further reduced to around 3.5% in the first half of next year.
Capital University of Economics and Business of land resources and real estate management department director Zhao Xiuchi 29 to accept the “Global Times” reporter said, in the country under strict control, is expected in a long period of time, domestic prices rose narrowed. She believes that if the policy can continue, can achieve the goal of housing return to residential function, but once the policy is loose, prices may rebound.
China’s National Bureau of statistics released in July 70 large and medium cities housing prices index shows that the new residential sales price index rose by 9.7%, but the growth rate narrowed for 8 consecutive months, the lowest rise in nearly a year.
More than a Reuters survey respondents believe that the current round of regulatory measures will continue for one to two years, while the long-term mechanism will also be the beginning of the embryonic form, the current push for housing rental market construction is an important part.
Reuters said, from the real estate policy, the property market has entered a new era of China length and economy, especially since this year the construction of the housing rental market is accelerating, the long-term mechanism of previews outline. Zhao Xiuchi believes that if you can rent housing, children, school and other functions, coupled with cheaper rents, will undoubtedly reduce the demand for housing, play a role in stabilizing prices.

Hangzhou property rental new deal 19 release: provident fund can pay rent

In August 30th, Hangzhou officially released the “Hangzhou to speed up the cultivation and development of housing rental market pilot work plan” (hereinafter referred to as the “pilot program”), on the cultivation and development of the housing rental market in Hangzhou identified 5 aspects of 19 measures. “Pilot program” clearly include increased rental housing supply, foster housing rental market supply subject, encourage rental housing consumption, increase policy support, strengthen housing rental market supervision in 5 aspects of the 19 measures.
In August 30th, Hangzhou officially released the “Hangzhou to speed up the cultivation and development of housing rental market pilot work plan” (hereinafter referred to as the “pilot program”), on the cultivation and development of the housing rental market in Hangzhou identified 5 aspects of 19 measures. “Pilot program” clearly include increased rental housing supply, foster housing rental market supply subject, encourage rental housing consumption, increase policy support, strengthen housing rental market supervision in 5 aspects of the 19 measures.
Increase rental housing supply
Over the next three years, the total amount of new rental housing accounts for 30% of the total amount of new commodity housing. Increase public rental housing supply, public rental housing in the next 5 years, the total amount of not less than 80 thousand sets;
To increase the effective supply of land for rental housing, rental housing land supply will be included in the annual land supply plan, before the end of September 2017, launched a special talent for rental housing pilot;
The introduction of the “Hangzhou enterprises to implement self-sustaining commodity housing rental management regulations” (Hangzhou housing market 2017 No. 4), clear work requirements of enterprise self sustained commodity housing rental management of each link and supervisory duties, to ensure sustained full commodity housing construction, completed on schedule to open and delivery, and strictly for public rental housing lease, to ensure effective supply;
Revitalize the stock of land and housing, explore the village collective 10%, the construction of rental housing on the ground;
Housing units are allowed to rent by room, rental per room per capita rental area may not be less than 4 square metres;
Encourage and regulate individual rental housing idle, the implementation of the city’s unified housing lease contract model text.

By the end of next year at the latest, house prices will surely fall!

28 in the green house interim results conference, Greentown China CEO Cao Zhounan on the real estate market in the future to give their point of view, he bluntly: “the enemy approached the walls, sharp language I think next year, a little closer to the end of this year, prices will go down, you have done more to die sooner, put aside the quality of the growth of the blind pursuit of scale enterprises, the larger die sooner.” Coincidentally, the 25 day of Vanke new leader Yu Liang also said “market gold (ERA), silver, bronze and iron future are possible.” The implication is that real estate in the past riches, lying to make money era gone for ever.
In fact, the property market attention all the friends all know, the author and two big ideas are basically the same, to tell the truth, we do not see the decline of the real estate market, real estate is just to do it to adjust, as in the past as a development road will stride forward singing militant songs to create a lot of problems, high prices many buyers have to bear, and even some panic. But this year more real excesses, this kind of speculative behavior under the regulation not only convergence but has now moved to the three or four line of the city. But now around the house was used to live, not to the location of speculation “, the attitude is very clear, it is bound to return to the house of residential property, but also a clean piece of real estate market, the current signs are on display, real estate is gradually return to rational, real estate speculators are being squeezed out the market, while the past buy rich ideas are changing, house prices will eventually return to normal levels.

Under the property market regulation, three or four lines become a new battlefield, housing prices campaign city group

In August 22nd, Four Seasons Hotels Hongkong, Biguiyuan group president and group director Mo Bin who announced a contract in Western dress and leather shoes, domestic sales target to 500 billion yuan, this emboldened from the garden of 288 billion 900 million yuan in the first half and the first 7 months of sales of 333 billion 900 million yuan. 18 days before the August 4th, the era of real estate chairman of the board of directors, chief executive officer and executive director of Cen Zhaoxiong visited Israel last year to share experiences, in his eyes, Israel and Lawrence hegemony in the era of the real estate is quite a bit similar, “we are now facing the market, of course not Israel is so bitter, but in a sense is the same.” Time in the first half of the purchase of real estate spent 7 into budget.
Increasingly obvious differentiation of the real estate industry, this two years ago gradually revealed features, in the current national property market under the joint control of the situation is particularly dazzling. Among the forefront of the industry for billions of housing prices, land reserves and capital operation ability is sufficient for his life after the icing on the cake, one hundred billion yuan or even tens of billions of dollars in free threshold of housing prices, every time to bury the wind sways grass deadly foreshadowing.
Mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore。 Small boat U-turn that does not seem to apply to stride forward singing militant songs of the real estate market, but to hundreds of billions of housing prices on behalf of the ship, is leading the entire industry luff. The national property market under strict regulation, these housing prices also tested, whether it is to take the cost or the cost of financing has increased significantly, but because I know a market in the process of maturity must endure pain, these large enterprises based on business and diversified financing channels, more will look to the change of the population structure of the national economy the formation of the city group, the new pattern view, and make a try in their own transformation.

Department of Homeland: collective land rental housing construction does not occupy arable land, respect for the wishes of farmers

Ministry of land and Resources official said in August 29th, Beijing, Shanghai as the first collective land rental housing pilot cities, pilot projects for several years, the operation has achieved good results.
It is based on the Beijing Shanghai years pilot, the Ministry of land, housing and urban construction department issued 28 “construction land rental housing pilot program by collective construction” (hereinafter referred to as the “plan”), to determine the first in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Nanjing, Hangzhou and other 13 city to carry out construction land leasing the use of housing pilot collective construction.
Why are these 13 cities selected? The Ministry of land and land use division responsible person said, in the large, large city and housing and urban construction department approved the development of housing rental market pilot city, according to local voluntary principle, to carry out the deployment of construction land use rental housing pilot collective construction. Limited in the scope of the above pilot cities because the demand for rental housing in these cities is larger, the collective economic organizations in villages and towns have the will to build, there is a source of funding, government supervision and service capacity is relatively strong.
After the pilot approval in 13 cities, there has been a point of view, after the villagers of these cities can freely build housing for external rental, but the actual situation is not the case. Local development of collective construction land leasing housing pilot still need to follow some principles.
The responsible person said, “there are two items need to emphasize the plan”: one is the land for the project shall meet the requirements of urban planning, land use planning and land use planning in the village, the stock of land, no land occupation; two is to play the leading role of the government at the same time, we must respect the farmers’ collective will, and consider the farmers the collective economic strength, reasonably determine the project operation mode, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the rights of people, to ensure that the voluntary implementation of collective economic organizations, autonomous operation.
How can the government play a leading role in building rental housing on collective land? The practice of Beijing may be used for reference by other cities.
To increase rental housing supply, as of now, Beijing has built 12 thousand sets of rental housing on collective construction sites. Beijing Construction Committee recently said that in the next 5 years, Beijing will further increase the rental housing supply, plans to build 500 thousand sets of rental housing, and mainly through collective construction land arrangements.

Four major semi annual report released, individual housing loans growth decline

As the bank’s semi annual report draws to a close, half yearly reports of the four major state-owned banks, including industry, agriculture, China and China, have been released. In the first half of this year, the four major industry performance rebound, while the growth rate of personal housing mortgage loans generally decline.
The performance report released yesterday, according to 365 days a year, the equivalent of four banks net profit of about 1 billion 403 million yuan a day. Four bank earnings growth has picked up. Among them, the industrial and Commercial Bank of China is the first half of the most profitable banks, net profit of 153 billion 700 million yuan. Construction Bank’s fastest growth in net profit, net profit of 139 billion 9 million yuan, the growth rate of 3.8%. The first half of the Bank of China’s net profit of 103 billion 700 million yuan, ABC net profit of 108 billion 670 million yuan.
It is worth noting that in the last year to support the growth of individual banks mortgage mortgage business, the growth rate in the first half of this year, but there has been a downward trend. Bank of China released data show that individual housing mortgage loans grew by 9.28% in the first half, representing a decrease of 7.7 percentage points over the same period last year. The agricultural bank mortgage growth in the first half was 11.6%, down 4.5 percentage points. CCB performance report also pointed out that the personal mortgage loans increased by 9.50%, the growth rate slowed over the same period last year.

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